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Purse/Wallet Wireless System

Specially-made EDIMAEG A20-23 Purse/Wallet Wireless System can replace mobile phone and radio transceiver and something like this, suitable for the following environment: likely existing of GSM mobile phone jammer system (your mobile phone can't work properly), and RF detectors (any electronically equipments in work can be detected) ,possible searching from top to bottom and so on.
EDIMAEG A20-23 purse wireless system has its own transmitter and receiver system. Ranges equal 1000 feet "Straight-Line of Sight". The user can get signal by EDIMAEG CS-205 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone and an "ordinary wallet". This "wallet" is actually an hidden wireless receiving equipment with Induction Loops, very tiny and thin, it's wholly placed one side of an ordinary wallet, hard to find .Because of Induction Loops, it can used with CS-205,they are also wireless, the working distance is about 60-100cm.well ,it can drive CS-305 on the occasion of not hiding.
EDIMAEG A20-23 purse wireless system is one-way wireless communication equipment. Earphone and "wallet" carrier can only receive out message and can't tell others your situation. It's aimed to prevent being detected by RF Detector.
A20-23 purse wireless system use mini LI battery with high energy. After filled with enough electricity it can work 5-10 hours and can be used over 1000 times.

FC-950 Purse/Wallet Wireless System

What is the mobile phone jammer?
A cellular phone jammer (or cellular jammer) is a transmitting device designed to interfere with the operation of cell phones. A cellular phone jammer works by jamming the signals traveling between the cellular phone and the base station.
Applications for a cellular phone jammer include law enforcement and preventing use of cellular phones in restaurants and other public areas.
Current technology allows an effective cellular phone jammer to be constructed in a unit the size of a cell phone.

2. What is the RF detector?
This Wireless Camera and Cell Phone Detector is designed for user friendly operation in detecting all hidden cameras and the compact "lipstick" ... Wireless Camera and Cellular Phone Detector. 
Here are some examples of where cell phone detectors are used:
Religious establishments, Schools, Cinemas, Hospitals, Shops, Restaurants, Casinos, Bars and cafes, On public transport, Libraries, Military establishments, Court houses, Government buildings, Commercial business.

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