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Concealed Wireless Camera

This isn't an ordinary packet of cigarette and lighter, actually they both have a concealed camera, and can transmit photos 300 feet far away.
Installation is simple: plug in the power to camera (using 9V battery) and receiver (using the included 12V power adapter or included 12V battery), connect the Video OUT from the receiver to your VCR or TV, then turn the tuning knob until you see the vivid color video picture. Specs (200mW output power, 0.1 lux light sensitivity, 380 lines of resolution, 300ft. line-of-sight range, NTSC USA/Canada standard video output)

Technical Specifications
Operating System - PAL or NTSC
Operating Frequency - 1.2Ghz/2.4GHz
Camera Power supply - 9V (PP3 battery or LI battery)
Receiver Power Supply - 9V (recommend a 9V adaptor rather than a PP3 battery)
Operating Distance - with adaptor for Receiver - up to 300 feet

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